was created by an interdisciplinary team from the Technical University of Munich from the Departments of Neuroradiology and the Chair for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Medicine.

The project is coordinated by PD Dr. Dennis M. Hedderich (Department of Neuroradiology, Klinikum rechts der Isar) and Professor Daniel Rückert, PhD, FREng, FMedSci, FIEEE (Alexander-von-Humboldt-Professor for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Medicine).

We have gathered experienced researchers and teachers working at the intersection of medical imaging and computer science and have designed a curriculum covering pertinent topics for clinicians who want to work with AI.

Why choose us?

We have been one of the first institutions world-wide to focus on the AI education of medical students and postgraduate medical professionals and have previously launched several educational programs and evaluated its results. 

Our newly-designed workshops strive to compress the relevant facts and explain them in a comprehensible way for medics. Furthermore, we complement our workshops with exclusive online content on our learning platform.

Participants will earn CME credits and a certificate of attendance from the Technical University of Munich.

Lecturers from TUM:

  • Prof. Dr. Jan Kirschke
  • PD Dr. B. Wiestler
  • Prof. Dr. Julia Schnabel
  • Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab
  • Prof. Dr. Rickmer Braren
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Schüffler
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Wachinger
  • PD Dr. Georgios Kaissis
  • Florian Hinterwimmer, MSc
  • Matthias Keicher, Dipl.-Ing.
  • Tobias Czempiel, MSc
  • Martin Menten, PhD
  • Veronika Zimmer, PhD
  • Kerstin Hammernik, PhD
  • …and many more